How Computers Have Changed

When we think of computers as they are in the 21st Century, it seems like the science fiction predictions were more prophetic than fiction and fantasy.

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About Our Company

Before you begin reading more about  us, let’s just tell you that we’re hardware guys. We’re not selling you software or apps , we’re selling you parts.

Since everyone is on the software and programming bandwagon, we wanted to go a different route. One of the main propellers of this thinking was that if there was so much software being created then the machines handling them had to have the capacity the make sure that these programs run smoothly and without any hassles.

Our goal is to make personal computers that you can blindly buy knowing that they will be able to handle software evolutions of the next five years and at a price range that will make you break out in song!

Our goal is not to drown you in debt because you had a hankering for buying the best kind of computer out there, our goal is to make sure that the best computer is also an affordable computer.

The next thing about our company is that we’re all engineers. We’re crazy about building which is why we also have an R and D division that is constantly improving what’s out there and integrating them into the best-in-market computers so that you don’t have to worry about your computer hanging because the new version of software is so fully loaded that you computer ends up rebooting constantly.

We have also begun manufacturing individual parts and coils and circuitry so that the mechanic in you can play shop and build a super computer of your own. And don’t worry, it’s all legal!

Our goal is to make sure that the software evolution is not hindered by bad hardware. Everything from your phone to your home computer to your TV is powered by the chips and circuitry that we make in our factories. We love that we’re able to provide you with an experience that is seamless and fun!